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Team Coaching Program for Employees

Elevate Team Effectiveness

Designed to address the challenges hindering team efficiency and foster a culture of collaboration, these sessions equips your team with the tools, insights, and strategies needed to achieve collective success.

Free Introduction Meeting Online

What Questions Does This Program Address?

Blame Culture

Replace blame-shifting with a solution-oriented mindset, fostering accountability and innovation.

Inefficient Communication

Unravel the complexities of ineffective interaction and equip the team with strategies for clear, impactful connections that drive collaboration and understanding.

Disjointed Team Goals

Tackle the issue of team members interpreting goals differently, causing work quality to suffer.

Team Coaching Program

Elevate Team Effectiveness

Team will work with the foundation for effective communication, seamless collaboration, shared vision and harmonious interaction among members, creating an environment where diverse skills come together to drive productivity and achieve common goals.


These coaching sessions leverages the unique strengths of individual members and combines them into a synergy that increase teams performance.

 After Program Team Will Have:

An individual program and duration is created for each team, taking into account the characteristics of the team and the tasks at hand.

  • Elaborated and digitalized criteria to improve the efficiency of the team;

  • Increased psychological safety (agreed team rules, trusting relationships, skills to give and receive feedback);

  • Agreement and acceptance of the team's mission and values;

  • Development and approval of measures to prevent and resolve interpersonal conflicts;

  • Creation and approval of individual and team development plans

  • Clarifying the priority tasks that the team will solve.

Alignment with Organizational Mission

The emphasis on agreeing upon the team's mission and values ensures that participants are aligned with the broader goals of the organization. This alignment fosters a sense of purpose and commitment among team members.

Task Clarity and Accountability 

Clarifying priority tasks and collectively deciding on solutions ensures that the team is focused on the most important objectives. This clarity enhances task efficiency, reduces redundancy, and accelerates goal achievement.

Improved Communication Skills

Participants will be better equipped to address disagreements in a constructive manner, contributing to a more harmonious and productive work environment.

How it Works?

1. Free Online Meeting

A free preliminary 30 min. online meeting with the client to get to know each other, determine the desired results of cooperation and set the criteria for achieving them.

2. Contract Terms and Confidentiality Commitment

All necessary parameters are negotiated (subject of the contract, desired results and criteria for their achievement, duration of the work, number and form of meetings, form and scheme of payment, nature of interaction and other issues).

3. Team Coaching Sessions

An individual program is created for each team, taking into account the characteristics of the team, culture of the company and the tasks to be solved.

Zaneta Aleksejeva

Žaneta Aleksejeva

Coach, consultant, lecturer

I help companies increase employee performance, improve communication, share knowledge, identify participant strengths and weaknesses, assign tasks, set goals, plan steps, and maintain commitment to the company's mission.


For more than 13 years I have been giving lectures, trainings and workshops on various topics, helping teams and groups in organizations to gain new knowledge and experience. I have two higher educations - a Master of Law and a Master of Business Management, a Business Development program, I consult and lead training programs.

Working Methods

In my practice, I have found that there are effective teams - they learn quickly, become engrossed in the material of the program, and tend to put it into practice immediately, bringing benefits and change to their business. I wondered, how are effective teams and groups actually different from ordinary teams and groups?  In search of answers to these questions, I became familiar with the methods of team and group coaching. And this is where I began to get answers to my questions. In 2022, graduated from the International University Global Coaching, studied the principles of team and group coaching and began to apply them in practice.

Thank You For Trusting Me With My Job

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Invitation to Discuss

Initial Free Introduction Meeting

Gain Insight and Clarify Coaching Process.

Approximately 20-30 minutes online.

Agenda for the Meeting: Introduction. Discussion what issues, challenges or difficulties are currently relevant in your team or work group and what opportunities coaching has to help you solve them. Questions & Answers. Duration: Approximately 20-30 minutes online (via Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram)

Evidence-based Research on the Effectiveness of Coaching

  • Measuring Change: Evaluating Health and Wellness Coaching Performance, Outcomes and ROI

  • 2014 Poster Award: The Coaching Ripple Effect: The Individual and Systemic Level Influence of Leadership Development

  • 2013 Poster Award: The Impact of Emotional Intelligence and Executive Coaching on Leadership Effectivenes

  • Webinar: Vision based Coaching Optimizing Mind and Body for Leader Development

  • Applied Positive Psychology in Organizations

  • Coaching effectiveness survey instruments: taking stock of measuring the immeasurable

  • Does coaching work? A meta-analysis on the effects of coaching on individual level outcomes in an organizational context

Sharing knowledge and helping people

With over 12,250 hours of studying and over 13 years of teaching experience, I bring knowledge from a variety of fields into workshops, trainings and individual sessions. 

 Those who want to read articles in which I share my thoughts, observations, get recommendations for materials and delve into new knowledge, I invite you to visit the Blog or articles in the social networks.

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