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Heart-Shaped Rock Island

Project Navigator

These coaching sessions are your compass on the journey to success. Whether you’re embarking on a new project, refining an existing idea, or seeking clarity on your roadmap, these sessions provide a safe harbor for exploration and growth.

When Clients Opt for These Sessions?



Feeling a sense of internal pressure and restlessness.

Unformed Ideas

Having numerous ideas but struggling to structure them.

Unclear Starting Point

Lack of clarity on where to begin the journey.

Doubts & Resistance

Battling with self-doubt and resistance to change.

Dark Spots & Ambiquities

Facing uncertainties and ambiguities.

Heart-Shaped Rock Island

Project Navigator Sessions

These sessions empower you to sail confidently toward your vision. Most clients opt for a package of 5-7 sessions to dive deep into their goals and dreams.

The Process:


Chart Your Course

Together, we’ll map out your project’s roadmap, identifying key milestones and actionable steps.


Illuminate Perspectives

Through thought-provoking questions, you’ll gain fresh insights and see your project from different angles.


Navigate Challenges

When roadblocks arise, we’ll steer through them with strategic problem-solving and resilience.


Fuel Your Momentum

Leave each session with renewed energy and a personalized action plan.

Transformative Journey

After Sessions You Will Have:

1. Clear


Gain a well-defined project roadmap, breaking down your vision into actionable steps.

2. Confidence and Clarity

Feel empowered with a clear direction, knowing exactly where to focus your efforts.

3. Strategic Action Plan

Receive a personalized plan to achieve your goals, navigate obstacles with resilience and problem-solving strategies.

4. Fresh Perspectives

Explore new angles and innovative ideas through thought-provoking questions.

5. Unwavering Support

Find a safe space to think, discuss, and strategize. Leave each session motivated and ready to tackle the next steps.

Heart-Shaped Rock Island

Coaching Sessions Package

Project Navigator

Individually tailored

Languages: Lithuanian, Russian, English

Session Duration: ± 1 - 1.5 hrs

Location: online / offline

Ongoing Support

Enjoy the continuous support of our partnership by staying connected through chat and emails between sessions, ensuring your progress never loses momentum. 


Our collaborative space ensures confidentiality, offers a secure space for reflection, exploration without unsolicited recommendations.

Investment to Yourself

It's your time to embark on a journey of clarity, motivation, support, harness the energy and take the steps toward your dreams. Investment to Yourself: 100 Eur / per session.

Free Discovery Session

 Get to know each other, overview of the coaching process, discuss your goals aspirations, hurdles, expectations, and potential coaching outcomes. Q&A Opportunity.

Duration: Approximately 20-30 minutes online.

Integrated Approach

Experience the synergy of coaching, business development instruments, mindfulness and EQ techniques that create a profound impact on personal growth and overall well-being. Discover the key pillars of your transformational journey:

1. Coaching Techniques

Expand your horizons, structure your thoughts, and ignite fresh ideas

2. Business Development

Harness expertise in various project development areas, including marketing, graphic design, and branding


3. Mindfulness Practices

Improve the ability to be consciously and fully present in the present moment, regardless of distractions

4. Emotional Intelligence

Elevate your awareness and control over your behavior, emotions, and reactions

Žaneta Aleksejeva

Certified ICF Coach, New Mentality Coaching, Lecturer

Helping Leaders to Achieve Effectiveness & Inner Balance Through Exploration of Inner Self Roles, Mindfulness & Self-Awareness. My job is to work with the mindset to promote deeper self-awareness, which makes sustainable behavior change more effective. With knowledge, skills, and coaching methods, I am here to help you clarify what you are doing, what you are doing it for, and how you can do it better.


Free Introduction Meeting

I am inviting you to get to know each other, overview of the coaching process, discuss your goals aspirations, hurdles, expectations, and potential coaching outcomes. Q&A Opportunity. Duration: Approximately 20-30 minutes online.

Gintas Ramanauskas
Vertybėmis grįstos psichologijos asociacija Lietuvoje

Dėkoju Žaneta už profesionalumą, kuriant asociacijos realizacijos strategiją ir planą. Tavo aiškus protas, matymas, sugebėjimas visą informaciją struktūrizuoti į lentelę, padėjo ir man geriau pamatyti ir suprasti ką norime transliuoti. Tavo sugebėjimas pajausti mano užklausą, ir sugebėjimas duoti atbulinį ryšį buvo labai produktyvus. Visiems rekomenduoju tave kaip subtilę verslo Koučingo meistrę.

Liudmila Skobeleva

Labas, Žaneta. Esu labai dėkinga už pagalbą ir žinias. Tu atėjai kaip tik tada, kai man to labai reikėjo. Tu ir aš padarėme puikų darbą – sudėliojome verslą į lentynas ir susisteminome. Be tavęs nebūčiau to padariusi. Tu vedei mane už rankos, palaikydama ir įkvėpdama. Tavo įrankiai yra veiksmingi ir patogūs. Atsakydama į klausimus dar labiau pajutau savo veiklos prasmę. Supratimas suteikia energijos ir noro veikti. Matyti savo verslą iš skirtingų kampų, įvertinti jo puses ir ribas reiškia pamatyti naujas galimybes, įnešti naudingų naujovių. Kas ir nutiko. Kiek daug gerų minčių kilo mūsų darbo eigoje. Atėjo tinkami žmonės ir darbas pradėjo virti. Ačiū už nuoširdų norą duoti daugiau nei buvo sutarta.

Tatyana M Peti


1 metus kovojau su šiuo darbu. Padariau 80%, bet jie nedavė norimo rezultato, pritraukdami klientus. Projektas daugiausia liko popieriuje. Jo įgyvendinimas buvo 20 proc. Su Žaneta iki šiol kartu dirbome 8 valandas ir aš jau galiu veikti. Aš jau įgyvendinu savo projektą.

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