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Coaching for Individuals

Development Journey

Sessions combining coaching with mindfulness and personal development strategies, helping you discover your strengths, conquer fears, and create a harmonious path towards personal and professional growth

Free Introduction Meeting Online

Who Fiding Value in These Sessions?

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Packed with innovative ideas and a strong personality, but often find yourself battling self-doubt and fears that hinder progress. Looking for a way to harness your abilities, overcome internal conflicts, and clarify business goals.

Personal Growth Enthusiast

 Desire to clarify your life goals, and aim to resolve inner conflicts that may be holding her back. Interested in honing your strategies for personal development and expanding your horizons. 

Integrated Approach

Experience the synergy of practical coaching techniques and mindfulness practices to create a profound impact on personal growth and overall well-being

What Results Clients Get?

"Sessions helped me unpack my thoughts and doubts, allowing me to see the whole picture and understand where I am going. It helped me fill in the missing gaps in my thoughts to get me started on my goal. I discovered who I am, what I want to be, and where I'm going. During the sessions, we opened up a specific, clear vision, and new insights emerged." Gintas

Structure & Clarity

<...>There was acceptance, awareness of action sectors... and everything fell into place.<...>

<...>Seeing your business from different sides, assessing its facets and boundaries means seeing new opportunities and introducing useful innovations.<...>

<...>the ability to structure all the information in the form of a table helped me better see and understand what we want to broadcast.<...>

<...>I approached with my doubts about the movement in the group in creating a team. 2 hours flew by. Everything was put in place.​​<...>

<...>creates a space of trust and subtly notices points of doubt and fear, which become the key to rapid insights.<...>

Self-Discovery & Confidence

Meaning & Purpose

<...>combines coaching tools with mindfulness techniques, and this combination gives very deep advancement in personal work.<...>

<...>I felt the meaning of my activities even more. Understanding gives energy and desire to act.<...>

<...>good ideas appeared in the process of our work.<...>

<...>The project remained mostly on paper. Its implementation was 20%. We have worked with Zaneta for 8 hours so far and I can already act. I'm already moving my project forward.<...>

Implementation & Progress

What Results of the Session Do You Want?

What specific topic or question that, if transformed or clarified, would significantly impact your life's journey? 

Take a moment to think about it.

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Let's Explore

Initial Free Discovery Meeting

Gain Insight and Clarify Coaching Process.

Approximately 20-30 minutes online.

Agenda for the Meeting
Introduction: Let's get to know each other and initiate a dialogue to provide you with an overview of the coaching journey.

Objectives: Understand your aspirations, hurdles, and expectations, while we elucidate the potential coaching outcomes.

Questions & Answers: Your chance to inquire about sessions details & coaching process.

Duration: Approximately 20-30 minutes online (via Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram)

Zaneta Aleksejeva

Žaneta Aleksejeva

When Knowledge, Clarity and Support are Needed

My job is to work with coaching techniques, business development instruments and mindset, foster deeper self-awareness and ownership, which makes sustainable growth. Clarity brings energy. Energy drives you to achieve your goals.

Why Clients Trust Me?

With over 12,250 hours of studying and over 13 years of experience as a lecturer and over 7 years as a consultant, I bring knowledge from a variety of fields into workshops, professional development and individual sessions. After business development consultations with managers and owners, more and more clients started asking if I could conduct coaching sessions for them. I attended the International Global Coaching University and now my activities have been supplemented by coaching. Education: 2021-2022 Certified ICF Coach ACSTH International University Global Coaching 2019-2021 Master of Business Management The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Vilnius University, Business Development program (cum laude diploma) 2011-2016 Master of Laws The Faculty of Law at Vilnius University Additional skills and experience set: • Website design, graphic design, programming • Photography, video editing • Content Writing, argumentation • Social Media Management • Public speaking, presentations creation • Psychology, pedagogy, non-verbal communication, group dynamics, team efficiency • Digital Marketing • Brand development With these skills and experience my sessions, workshops and trainings embrace a multidimensional approach, ensuring comprehensive solutions. In business development topics I am focusing on: • business models • customer touchpoints improvement • business process & project management • leadership psychology & entrepreneurship • strategic management.

Tatjana Demjanova
Enterpreneur, financial consultant
Zaneta, thank you very much for yesterday's session. I resolved my doubts about the movement by continuing to build the team. 2 hours flew by unnoticed. Everything fell into place. Simple, clear, professional. Now I don't "confuse" self-employment, community work and personal goals.
Alyona Bocharova
Creative industries and social entrepreneurship mentor and trainer
Zaneta is a unique coach who combines coaching tools with mindfulness techniques, and this combination provides very deep progress in personal work. An attentive listener always creates a space of trust and subtly notices points of doubt and fear, which become the key to quick insights. I greatly appreciate the kindness, special the ability to help you see your value and progress even in the smallest of steps.
Tatjana Demjanova
Enterpreneur, financial consultant
Hello Zaneta. Huge thanks for our session on Wednesday. There was an acceptance, an awareness of the sectors of action ... and everything fell into place. I am filling the friendship sector. "Looking for" missing people)

Share knowledge and help people

With over 12,250 hours of studying and over 13 years of teaching experience, I bring knowledge from a variety of fields into workshops, trainings and individual sessions. Those who want to read articles in which I share my thoughts, observations, get recommendations for materials and delve into new knowledge, I invite you to visit the Blog or articles in the social networks.

Let Knowledge, Faith and Support help you on your Unique Path!

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