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From Mixed to Structured Mind 

Fueling Your Journey with Clarity & Energy

Coaching sessions for executives to overcome challenges, strengthen self-confidence, self-awaraness and promote the efficiency of organization

Lecturer and Coach Žaneta Aleksejeva

Žaneta Aleksejeva

Helping Leaders to Achieve Effectiveness & Inner Balance Through Exploration of Inner Self Roles, Mindfulness & Self-Awareness 


Certified ICF Coach, New Mentality Coaching, ACSTH

Additional certificates and courses in coaching: team coaching, business-instruments coaching, emotional intelligence coaching, resource states.

My Story

It is interesting that I came to coaching on the initiative of managers. I conducted consultations for business managers and owners on business development, helping to improve customer touchpoints. After that, more and more clients asked if I could give them personal coaching sessions. So I came to International University Global Coaching and started doing one-on-one sessions to help managers increase their efficiency and awareness, and find their inner balance on the intense path of doing business. With over 13 years of experience as a lecturer, and over 12,500 hours of studying and I bring knowledge from a variety of fields into workshops, business development and individual sessions. I help create a supportive environment for the development and effectiveness of organizations and individuals through training, seminars and workshops. Education: 2021-2022 Certified ICF Coach ACSTH International University Global Coaching 2019-2021 Master of Business Management The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Vilnius University, Business Development program (cum laude diploma) 2011-2016 Master of Laws The Faculty of Law at Vilnius University Additional skills and experience set: • Website design, graphic design, programming • Photography, video editing • Content Writing, argumentation • Social Media Management • Public speaking, presentations creation • Psychology, pedagogy, non-verbal communication, group dynamics, team efficiency • Digital Marketing • Brand development With these skills and experience my sessions, workshops and trainings embrace a multidimensional approach, ensuring comprehensive solutions. In business development topics I am focusing on: • business models • customer touchpoints improvement • business process & project management • leadership psychology & entrepreneurship • strategic management.

Who Find Value in These Sessions?

Employees and Owners
  • Leaders with substantial accountability for the organization's present and future prosperity possess the potential for growth and transformation and want to clarify their thoughts

New Employees
  • New employees

  • Employees in junior roles with significant growth and development potential.

  • For managers, when dealing with difficult issues in their personal lives,

  • Tops who feel loneliness, emptiness, lack of aspirations


for thinking and development
I promote the formation of a confidential, trusting space in which a leader can freely reflect and be heard, feel clarity, balance and integrity in a dynamic, eventful work environment.

The Main Requests I Work With

Space for thinking
Business questions

Help in exploring problems and potential solutions in the organization:

  • Preparing for changes, reconfiguring to another role, creating a strategy, preparing for a presentation, etc.

  • Help to think more clearly: unload and structure thoughts, ideas, tasks, create strategy and specific action plan

Space for development
Personal and professional

Improve business results and efficiency:

  • Understand and accept yourself in a new role. Awareness and use of existing strengths

  • Grow yourself in a new role

  • See yourself and others more consciously

Space for awareness
Intrapersonal issues

Questions of personal purpose and contribution to achieving the larger purpose of the organization:

  • Better understand goals and dreams, determine what actions can be taken to achieve them

  • Personal purpose, mission, understanding of contribution to the organization.

Work at the Personality Level

Harmonizing internal personality roles:
  • Dealing with inner conflicts and reservations;
  • Dealing with inner fears and uncertainties;
  • Harmonization of the feminine and masculine aspects of female leaders
Integrating Roles
I help to promote greater awareness among leaders, helping them to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, cope with internal conflicts and doubts, and perform their leadership role more effectively.
Meanings & Purpose
Helping leaders unlock their hidden abilities so they can provide greater value and effectiveness to the people and organizations they serve.

The Results That Leaders Get

Increased efficiency through:
Feeling of Integrity
A feeling of sleepiness, unity with goals, tasks, feelings, qualities and internal roles of the individual, strengthening self-confidence. The manager does not confuse personal and work roles, their goals and completion time.
Raising awareness
Improving the ability to be consciously and fully present in the present moment, despite external or internal distractions.
Development EQ
Development of emotional intelligence of a leader. Improving the conscious control of behavior, emotions and reactions of the leader.


Holistic & deep approach
Expanding and structuring thoughts, gaining new awareness and ideas
Increased concentration and attention, clear and sharp mind
Resource States
A sense of internal and external balance, integrity of personality and roles

Sessions Format

Achieving sustainable results
Achieving long-term goals
My goal is to help you create lasting change and lasting success. We work together for a minimum period of three months (and longer if necessary) to ensure sustainable results.
Regular confidential meetings
Together we will have regular confidential meetings focused on your requests, needs and the achievement of the results of the intended development strategy.
Individually tailored schedule
The schedule and duration of meetings are adapted to your capabilities, needs and requests. Sessions can vary in length, ranging from one hour to 90 minutes. In exceptional cases, work may last a full day at the client’s request.

For Individual and Corporate Leaders

Individual coaching
For managers, founders and owners seeking self-development and increased efficiency
  • Free introduction meeting to discuss your goals, expectations and coaching process.

  • Provide one-on-one coaching sessions to improve self-awareness, efficiency development and implementation journey.

Corporate coaching
For HR professionals and organizations that value the development of their leaders
  • Meeting with the HR client to get acquainted, discuss the specific needs and goals of the organization, coaching methods and the coaching process.

  • Development of a multilateral contract for the successful implementation of corporate initiatives.

Alyona Bocharova
Creative industries and social entrepreneurship mentor and trainer

Zaneta is a unique coach who combines coaching tools with mindfulness techniques, and this combination provides very deep progress in personal work. An attentive listener always creates a space of trust and subtly notices points of doubt and fear, which become the key to quick insights. I greatly appreciate the kindness, special the ability to help you see your value and progress even in the smallest of steps.

Liudmila Skobeleva

Hello, Zaneta. I am very grateful for your help and knowledge. You came just when I needed it most. You and I did a great job - we put the business on the shelves and organized it. I could not have done it without you. You led me by the hand , supporting and inspiring. Your tools are effective and convenient. Answering questions made me feel the meaning of my work even more. Understanding gives energy and desire to act. Seeing your business from different angles, evaluating its sides and limits means seeing new opportunities, bringing useful innovations. What happened. How many good ideas arose in the course of our work. The right people came and the work began to boil. Thank you for your sincere desire to give more than what was agreed.

Tatjana Demjanova
Enterpreneur, team leader

Zaneta, thank you very much for yesterday's session. I resolved my doubts about the movement by continuing to build the team. 2 hours flew by unnoticed. Everything fell into place. Simple, clear, professional. Now I don't "confuse" self-employment, community work and personal goals.

Connect to Discuss

Feel free to contact me today to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs, explore coaching options, and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth.

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