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Individual Coaching Program

Preparing for an Effective Presentation

Support You in Achieving Your Personal or Professional Goal

Do you experience anxiety before an upcoming presentation? Do you want to overcome your fears, increase your self-confidence and turn this moment into a source of pleasure? Are you looking for effective strategies to ensure that your presentation best reflects your strengths and professional competencies? Do you need customized preparation, including presentation design, development of topics and materials, and strategies for addressing audience questions?

Consistent Progress Toward Your Goals

Sustained Motivation and Momentum

Personal Growth and Project Development

Elevating Your Achievements to New Heights

About Program:

Before the upcoming presentation, I help to increase self-confidence, feel calm, strengthen the presentation using your strengths and competencies, visual and non-verbal techniques, overcome fears, feel interested and enjoy the upcoming event.

Results after Sessions:

  1. The topics and materials for the presentation determined

  2. Consultation received on the design of the presentation

  3. A list of possible questions from the audience compiled

  4. The presentation run through with feedback from the coach on verbal and non-verbal signals (gestures, etc.)

Coaching Sessions Package

Preparing for an Effective Presentation

Sessions Format Example

Languages: Lithuanian, Russian, English

Session Duration: ± 1 - 1.5 hrs

Location: online / offline

Most clients opt for a package of 1-3 sessions to dive deep into their goals and dreams. 


Our collaborative space ensures confidentiality, offers a secure space for reflection, exploration without unsolicited recommendations.

Investment to Yourself

It's your time to embark on a journey of clarity, motivation, support, harness the energy and take the steps toward your dreams. Investment to Yourself: 125 Eur / per session.

Are these sessions right for me?

Fill out the questionnaire and get a free consultation

If you’d like more information about sessions, get in touch today.

Book time for free consultatıon to get to know each other, overview your request, the coaching process, discuss your goals aspirations, hurdles, expectations, and potential coaching outcomes. Q&A Opportunity. Duration: Approximately 20-30 minutes online.

Step 1

Filling Questionnaire

Step 2

Free Consultation

Step 3

Coaching Sessions

Step 4

Results Session

How to Start?

Lecturer and Coach Žaneta Aleksejeva

Žaneta Aleksejeva

​Certified ICF Coach, New Mentality Coaching, Lecturer

My job is to work with the mindset in coaching sessions, to promote deeper self-awareness, project development and personal grow. I am not here to tell you or your team what to do. With my knowledge, skills, and coaching methods, I am here to help you clarify what you are doing, what you are doing it for, and how you can do it better.

Area of Expertise:

Roles & Subpersonalities

Soft Skills

Changing Behavioral Triggers

Project Development

Constructive Feedback

Preparation for Effective Presentation

Education in coaching:

  • New Mentality Coaching (International University Global Coaching)

  • Executive Coaching (International University Global Coaching)

  • Business Coaching Instruments

  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching

  • Team & Group Coaching (CCE, ICF Continuing Coach Education)

  • Professional Expert on Personnel Assessment BASE PRO

  • System of Resourceful States

Integrated Approach

Experience the synergy of coaching, business development instruments, mindfulness and EQ techniques that create a profound impact on personal growth and overall well-being. Discover the key pillars of your transformational journey:

COACHING (5).png

2. Business Development

Get expert questions from various areas of project development, including marketing, graphic design, branding, and more.

4. Emotional Intelligence

Elevate your awareness and control over your behavior, emotions, and reactions

1. Coaching Techniques

Expand your horizons, structure your thoughts, and ignite fresh ideas

3. Mindfulness Practices

Improve the ability to be consciously and fully present in the present moment, regardless of distractions

Introduction Meeting

I am inviting you to get to know each other, overview of the coaching process, discuss your goals aspirations, hurdles, expectations, and potential coaching outcomes. Q&A Opportunity. Duration: Approximately 20-30 minutes online.

Gintas Ramanauskas
Vertybėmis grįstos psichologijos asociacija Lietuvoje

I thank Žaneta for her professionalism in creating the strategy and plan for the realization of the association. Your clear mind, vision, ability to structure all the information in a table, helped me to see and understand better what we want to broadcast. Your ability to sense my request and ability to give feedback was very productive. I recommend you to everyone as a subtle master of business coaching.

Liudmila Skobeleva

Hello, Zaneta. I am very grateful for your help and knowledge. You came just when I needed it most. You and I did a great job - we put the business on the shelves and organized it. I could not have done it without you. You led me by the hand , supporting and inspiring. Your tools are effective and convenient. Answering questions made me feel the meaning of my work even more. Understanding gives energy and desire to act. Seeing your business from different angles, evaluating its sides and limits means seeing new opportunities, bringing useful innovations. What happened. How many good ideas arose in the course of our work. The right people came and the work began to boil. Thank you for your sincere desire to give more than what was agreed.

Tatyana M Peti


I struggled for 1 year on this work. I did 80%, but they did not give the desired result, attracting clients. The project remained mostly on paper. Its implementation was 20%. Zaneta and I have worked together for 8 hours so far and I can already act. I'm already moving my project.

About Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching session a confidential and supportive environment where individuals, including managers, can freely explore their thoughts and goals. It helps enhance clarity, inner balance, improve business results and personal efficiency within the dynamic business world.

How It Works?

With the help of questions, instruments and techniques, a coaching specialist helps to prepare for changes, to think more clearly, "unload" and systematize thoughts, ideas, tasks, create a strategy and a specific action plan, refine strengths and opportunities to apply them in a new status, to see and understand oneself and others and communicate more consciously.

Evidence-based Research on the Effectiveness of Coaching

  • Measuring Change: Evaluating Health and Wellness Coaching Performance, Outcomes and ROI

  • 2014 Poster Award: The Coaching Ripple Effect: The Individual and Systemic Level Influence of Leadership Development

  • 2013 Poster Award: The Impact of Emotional Intelligence and Executive Coaching on Leadership Effectivenes

  • Webinar: Vision based Coaching Optimizing Mind and Body for Leader Development

  • Applied Positive Psychology in Organizations

  • Coaching effectiveness survey instruments: taking stock of measuring the immeasurable

  • Does coaching work? A meta-analysis on the effects of coaching on individual level outcomes in an organizational context

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