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Integrated Customers Touchpoint Improvement Sessions for Entrepreneurs

Business Touchpoints Improvement

Sessions combine business development instruments, digital marketing, web development, graphic design, coaching and mentoring expertise to provide comprehensive solutions for your business enterprise.

Free Introduction Meeting Online

Lecturer and Coach Žaneta Aleksejeva

Žaneta Aleksejeva

I help entrepreneurs enhance their business's customer touchpoints, ensuring every interaction leaves a positive and lasting impression.


My Story

With over 13 years of experience as a lecturer, and over 12,500 hours of studying and I bring knowledge from a variety of fields into workshops, business development and individual sessions. I help create a supportive environment for the development and effectiveness of organizations and individuals through training, seminars and workshops. After consultations with business owners, more and more clients started asking if I could conduct coaching sessions for them. I attended the International Global Coaching University and now my activities have been supplemented by coaching.  Education: 2021-2022 Certified ICF Coach ACSTH International University Global Coaching 2019-2021 Master of Business Management The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Vilnius University, Business Development program (cum laude diploma) 2011-2016 Master of Laws The Faculty of Law at Vilnius University Additional skills and experience set: • Website design, graphic design, programming • Photography, video editing • Content Writing, argumentation • Social Media Management • Public speaking, presentations creation • Psychology, pedagogy, non-verbal communication, group dynamics, team efficiency • Digital Marketing • Brand development With these skills and experience my sessions, workshops and trainings embrace a multidimensional approach, ensuring comprehensive solutions. In business development topics I am focusing on: • business models • customer touchpoints improvement • business process & project management • leadership psychology & entrepreneurship • strategic management.

Master of Business Management

Business Development program (cum laude diploma)
The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Vilnius University

What is Customer Touchpoint?

What is Touchpoint?

A customer journey touchpoint is a crucial moment or interaction in a customer's experience with a business.

These touchpoints can occur at various stages, from initial awareness to post-purchase support, and play a vital role in shaping the overall customer satisfaction and perception of a brand.

Why it is Important?

They encompass all channels and interactions, both online and offline, that customers engage with while navigating their journey with a company, influencing their decisions and loyalty.

  1. Website

  2. Social Media

  3. Customer Service

  4. Physical Store

  5. Email Marketing

  6. Product Packaging

  7. In-Person Events

and many many other points.

What kind of assistance can you find here?

Define Your Business Identity and Message

In this first crucial step, we'll sit down together to shape the way your business appears to the world. We'll figure out what impression you want to leave on your customers, what kind of message you want to send through every interaction, and how you want to come across in every touchpoint. It's like giving your business its own special personality!

Mapping Customer Journey Touchpoints
First, let's take a close look at how your customers interact with your business right now. We'll figure out what they like and don't like. Then, we'll focus on the most important parts where these interactions happen and make them better. Our goal is to make your customers really happy.
Improving Your Business  Touchpoints

​​Make sure that every way your customers connect with your business suits what they like and expect. We'll make changes to how you interact with different groups of customers to make them happy. We'll also make everything look and feel the same so customers know it's your business wherever they find you.

How We Can Work Together?

Single Touchpoint Improvement
In this single-session option, we'll focus on improving one key customer touchpoint that matters most to you. We'll work together to refine and optimize this touchpoint, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your business goals and leaves a lasting positive impression on your customers.

Online Session Duration: 60-90 min.
Comprehensive Touchpoint Improvement Package
Ready to take a deeper dive into transforming your customer experience? With this package, we'll embark on a comprehensive journey to revamp your customer touchpoints.
  1. We'll start with a strategy session to outline your goals and vision.
  2. Then, we'll work together over a series of sessions to redesign, optimize, and refine multiple touchpoints across your business.
  3. Finally, we'll wrap up with a results session to celebrate your improved customer interactions and set the stage for ongoing success.
Choose the number of sessions that suits your needs, and let's make your business shine in the eyes of your customers.
Online Session Duration: 60-120 min.

Tatyana M Peti


I struggled for 1 year on this work. I did 80%, but they did not give the desired result, attracting clients. The project remained mostly on paper. Its implementation was 20%. Zaneta and I have worked together for 8 hours so far and I can already act. I'm already moving my project.

Gintas Ramanauskas
Vertybėmis grįstos psichologijos asociacija Lietuvoje

I thank Žaneta for her professionalism in creating the strategy and plan for the realization of the association. Your clear mind, vision, ability to structure all the information in a table, helped me to see and understand better what we want to broadcast. Your ability to sense my request and ability to give feedback was very productive. I recommend you to everyone as a subtle master of business coaching.

Liudmila Skobeleva

Hello, Zaneta. I am very grateful for your help and knowledge. You came just when I needed it most. You and I did a great job - we put the business on the shelves and organized it. I could not have done it without you. You led me by the hand , supporting and inspiring. Your tools are effective and convenient. Answering questions made me feel the meaning of my work even more. Understanding gives energy and desire to act. Seeing your business from different angles, evaluating its sides and limits means seeing new opportunities, bringing useful innovations. What happened. How many good ideas arose in the course of our work. The right people came and the work began to boil. Thank you for your sincere desire to give more than what was agreed.

Image by Van Tay Media

Invitation to Discuss

Initial Free Introduction Meeting

Approximately 20-30 minutes online.

Agenda for the Meeting Introduction: Let's get to know each other and initiate a dialogue to provide you with an overview of the touchpoints improvement process. Understand your aspirations, hurdles, and expectations, while we elucidate the potential sessions outcomes. Q&A Opportunity: Your chance to inquire about working process and get all detailed information. Duration: Approximately 20-30 minutes online (via Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram)

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