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Žaneta Aleksejeva

Certified ICF Coach, Executive Coaching, Lecturer

I specialize in coaching women leaders, business owners, and professionals to support them in project development, idea realization, and personal growth.

During our partnership, clients discover solutions to their important challenges, make the changes they desire, boost their self-confidence, find inner balance, and rejuvenate their motivation and energy.

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Roles & Subpersonalities

Project Development

Constructive Feedback


Soft Skills

Changing Behavioral Triggers

Preparation for Effective Presentation

Education in coaching and additional education:

  • New Mentality Coaching (International University Global Coaching)

  • Executive Coaching (International University Global Coaching)

  • Psychological Features of Executive Coaching

  • Business Coaching Instruments

  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching

  • Team & Group Coaching (CCE, ICF Continuing Coach Education)

  • Professional Expert on Personnel Assessment BASE PRO

  • System of Resourceful States

Алексеева Жанета
Алексеева Жанета

Feel free to contact me today to schedule a complimentary online meeting to discuss your needs, explore coaching options, and embark on a journey of personal growth. 

Over 12 250 hours and 13 years

With a cumulative study time of over 12 250 hours I have extensively delved into various areas of expertise and over 13 years of experience I bring a wealth of knowledge as a lecturer to trainings, seminars, and workshops. 

Interestingly, I came to coaching at the initiative of the business owners. After consultations more and more clients started asking if I could conduct coaching sessions for them. I attended the International Global Coaching University and now my activities have been supplemented by coaching. 

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2021-2022 Certified ICF Coach ACSTH

International University Global Coaching


2019-2021 Master of Business Management

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Vilnius University, Business Development program (cum laude diploma)


2011-2016 Master of Laws

The Faculty of Law at Vilnius University

Additional Skills

With a versatile skill set encompassing:

  • Website design, graphic design, programming

  • Photography, video editing

  • Content Writing, argumentation

  • Social Media Management

  • Public speaking, presentations

  • Psychology, pedagogy, non-verbal communication

  • Marketing, brand development


my workshops and trainings embrace a multidimensional approach, ensuring comprehensive solutions.

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I'm always open to new and exciting projects. Connect with me to explore how my knowledge can benefit you and your organization, and let's embark on a path of growth, well-being, and success together.

+370 684 97 503 (WhatsApp, Telegram)

Sharing knowledge and helping people

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 Those who want to read articles in which I share my thoughts, observations, get recommendations for materials and delve into new knowledge, I invite you to visit the Blog or articles in the social networks.

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